Computers and mobile devices are everywhere. Regardless of your market, from hardware to high-tech, it is essential that you have one to remain competitive. Indeed, it is not enough to just have a mediocre one, your company must have one that appeals to consumers on multiple levels and that properly communicates your company’s message. To accomplish these goals, a company must concentrate on the following three areas when designing, developing and maintain their website:

Consistency of Brand Identity

One of the primary purposes of a web site is to convey information about your company to your customers. For this reason, the website should incorporate the “look and feel” of the rest of the company’s marketing materials. A consistent brand identity should be maintained throughout the site with the same logos, slogans and values.

In short, the brand identity of the company should be seamless between the website and the company’s printed materials. In this way, your customers will receive a distinctive but consistent message across all your marketing channels and identify your company with the message and values that you want delivered.

Ease of Navigation

Another key component of a superior website is the ease with which your customers can find the exact information that they need. Not only should the site be easily navigable from the home page but visitors, that is, potential customers, should be identified by their source page and sent to an appropriate landing page. This fact means that multiple landing pages are necessary.

For instance, it is essential to have a landing page for those customers at the beginning of the buying cycle with just information in mind, another for those comparing your products against your competitor’s and, finally, a page where those ready to buy are brought directly to the purchase page. An exact page to meet the exact needs of every customer is the hall mark of a successful and profitable website.

Current & Updated Content

The last essential component to having a successful website is maintaining current and relevant information for your customers. Developing the content on your site as a resource for customers to use is vital in generating repeat visitors. These repeat customers are the most likely to finally buy as they have proven that they have a vested interest in the information that your site is providing.

Articles should be reviewed on a quarterly (or more) basis with old ones removed and newer ones included. Information should be as accurate as possible with any industry or reputable sources cited. Simply put, give your customers a reason to return and they will. From this simple fact, profits are born.

The Bottom Line

Even with the best resources and people, it is not easy to develop a website from scratch. It takes time, effort and analysis. A consistent and steady approach, however, will always yield results. If you maintain a consistent image, deliver accurate information and make it all as easy as possible for your customers, you and your company will profit significantly from the investment in a website.

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