Businesses looking to expand their advertising into promotional items should consider the value of wristbands as a tool. Like all branded accessories, wristbands create the opportunity to turn happy customers into willing promoters of your product. In recent years, rubber wristbands have become popular as a fashion accessory, increasing their value to growing businesses. As a cheap and highly customizable product, they are ideal for researching the use of promotional items in a market plan.

The same low production costs that make wristbands ideal for testing promotional marketing make them ideal items to give away. Businesses can increase the wristbands’ perceived value by giving them away with admission to events or to long-time customers. This increased value will guarantee that a significant number of customers keep their wristbands to wear or show to friends.

Some businesses will find wristbands easier to implement in their marketing than others. Convincing customers to wear a wristband advertising their favorite band will be far easier than convincing them to wear a wristband advertising their favorite used car dealership. One possible solution is to share ‘ad space’ on a bracelet with something more likely to be worn, such as a popular saying or charitable cause. Brick-and-mortal businesses can also consider a discount system for wristband-wearers—even if they sit on a countertop or in car cup-holder most of the time, they can still provoke questions from customers’ friends and remind the customer to drop by.

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