Trade show displays can make all the difference in the construction of a successful and attractive setup. While it's true that content matters most of all, a company or business must have the attraction factor in order to pique the interest of the public. With that said, there are many different kinds of trade show displays to suit certain styles of presentation:

  • Banner stands are an option for the large, elaborate message that acts as a doorway to the rest of the exhibit. These trade show displays tend to set up very easily and quickly, and are somewhat taller than a tall man. The ease of transport is also a plus – they're quite light in weight.
  • The modular display is a full system suite of a display. Extending the entire breadth of the company's exhibit, they are a highly customizable option with several moving parts to complement a huge background banner. Favored to really draw attention.
  • Pop-up displays are old favorites of the trade show crowd. As far as size is concerned, they are about three banner stands fused into one large background, and can also serve as the central piece in a modular display, with adjacent banner stands to add more width.
  • Custom exhibits are becoming ever more popular as trade show displays; these allow a business to mix-and-match several different models together for a unique creation. They're good as space fillers and allow extra information that might otherwise have been left out.
  • The simple Tabletop display is also available in a freestanding, full-width option that looks more like a banner display on top of a table. It tends to be a bit more personal, and can do well in tight spaces for a small booth.
  • Fabric displays add a new touch to the intended scenery; using colorful graphics in a woven template that really catches the eye. The fabric they're printed on is very malleable, and makes for a surface that accepts virtually any print – meaning the range of possible trade show display designs are unlimited.
  • There are also the unique hanging panel displays, which are gaining steam at trade shows where the ceiling is low enough to support them and allow them to be seen. They're a cost effective way to place a business message above an incoming crowd, allowing the booth to be seen from far away.
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