Are you in search of a low-cost yet highly effective form of promoting your business? Although it is a simple and basic gesture, the distribution of customized pens to clients and prospectives is a great way to advertise your products and services. Here's what you can expect to get out of your investment in promotional pens:

  • Versatile Advertising - There are many people out there who are in need of the products and services that your company can offer, but they may not know who they should give their business to. In addition to this, everyone needs pens! Besides passing out pens to your customers, you should consider offering some of them to local businesses to help advertise your goods and services. People are always wandering off with pens that belong to retailers, banks, and restaurants, so why not have them walk off with yours in hand? The local businesses will appreciate your offer to replenish their constantly vanishing pens, and you'll be able to reach new potential clients.
  • A Constant Reminder - Once a pen is in the hands of an individual, it becomes a constant reminder of your business. If your company provides regular maintenance and services, your customers will be reminded to schedule their next appointment each time they use one of your customized pens. And when your name, logo, and company information are prominently listed on the pen, you will be the first business that comes to mind when the holder of the pen is in need of the types of goods and services that you can provide.
  • Pass-It-On Promotion - Pens are frequently lost or left behind at work, school, or elsewhere. Although this may seem like a disadvantage, it's actually to your benefit. Every time someone new comes across with one of your custom pens, yet another individual is informed of your business and of all that you have to offer. In this way, one simple pen is able to reach numerous individuals with your company's advertisement.
  • Affordable Marketing - Why blow your marketing budget on extravagant and large-scale advertising techniques when you can get a positive result by ordering custom pens for your company? One of the biggest advantage to these pens is that they are one of the cheapest marketing techniques and therefor require a very small investment while receiving a significant return.

Are you ready to see what customized pens can do for your business?

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