For businesses looking to reach new customers in local markets, post card marketing has the potential to help generate awareness, leads and sales. While decidedly low-tech, postcards can cut through the marketing clutter when they are designed to visually pop, are targeted to their audience and have a clear call to action. Here are some things to consider when are evaluating postcards as a marketing resource and how to plan a campaign.

What are the benefits of using postcards for marketing?

  • Easy to read - Postcards are easy to read and do not require opening an envelope.
  • Customizable - They can be customized any size and color to represent a brand.
  • Targeted - They can reach local customers in a more effective way than email.

What are some steps to get started on a postcard marketing campaign?

  • Set objectives - Before getting started, it is important to set targets for a marketing campaign. Questions to consider include: What is the desired reach, target customer and action resulting from receiving the postcard? For example, the postcard can be used to communicate a specific offer for special customers or as an announcement of a new store opening.
  • Create the message – Because there is not a lot of visual real estate on postcards, it is important to be short and sweet and communicate the product, offer and call to action for the customer. If customers have to work hard to read the message, they won't. Simple, bold headlines like “Spring Fashions Have Arrived!” or “50% Off Estimates” work best - then explain where, when plus a few other details
  • Design the postcard – Some things to keep in mind include:
    • Visuals help: While postcards don’t have to be a work of art, adding a high quality image or photo will help customers take a closer look at the message.
    • Take advantage of both sides: Some of the most effective postcards use one side like a poster and the other for a few details. Or they put an ad on one side and a personal message on the other
    • Postcards can be multi-purpose: A postcard can help a customer followup on an offer. Particularly if the postcard includes a special offer or a coupon.
  • Plan your campaign and timing. This includes putting together a mailing list and estimating the time needed to mail for people to make a decision to act on the offer. Many mailing services are extremely efficient and can turn around postcard marketing projects in several days time.
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