A business's letterhead is a key player in the overall branding and creation of a positive corporate image. As such, it is absolutely imperative that small to medium sized business owners take the selection of their stationary and printing company just as seriously as a larger scale corporation would. In order to assist you in making the right decision in printing your letterhead and envelopes, here are a few key things to consider with regards to your corporate stationary.

  • Professionalism - When choosing a company letterhead, it is important that you are careful to select options that will provide an air of professionalism to your client base. Silly fonts or those that are difficult to read will leave a negative impression with consumers. Instead, choose a type that coordinates well with your company logo but is still easy to read and is aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to also stick with a professional color scheme that is easy to look at. Black or navy blue print on a cream or eggshell background is far preferable to bold, bright hues that can put strain on the reader's eye.
  • Excellent Imaging - In order for your letterhead to provide the professional and clean look that you are hoping to achieve, it is very important that you take the time to find a printing company with a solid reputation for producing sharp, high-quality images with no blurring or smudging. Take the time to research reviews on the printer that you are considering to check for customer satisfaction in the areas of quality of graphics and coloring.
  • Quality Materials - Although textured or tinted card stock may be a bit pricier than standard white stationary, when it comes to your business, this is worth the investment. Not only will an attractive, quality paper product make a more positive impression with your clientele, but it is also better for printing. You are far more likely to receive a high quality letterhead and imaging from your printer when you use better paper materials than standard copy paper.
  • Complimentary Products -Your stationary needs do not end at printing an attractive and professional letterhead onto card stock. Next, you will need to consider order complimentary products for mailing letters and shipping documents. Customized envelopes which feature your letterhead in the "return address" section will look far more professional than scrawled-out, messy handwriting. Shipping labels with your company logo are also a must, and again, can make your envelopes look much cleaner and more attractive. Lastly, your letterhead should also be featured on your organization's business cards which can be included in every document that you mail. This way, your information will always be accessible by your customers - even if your letters or envelopes make their way to the recycle bin.
  • Accuracy - Lastly, it is of the utmost importance that when ordering your business letterhead, you take the time to carefully review your products before and after printing. Never submit an order to your printing company without double and triple checking the accuracy of your letterhead. There is nothing worse than paying for stationary that you cannot use because your phone number was entered correctly or your name was misspelled. Once you receive your order from the printers, be sure to check each product carefully against your order to ensure accuracy. Additionally, whenever any changes are made to your business (ie: you relocate your office or change your main telephone number) it is important that you update your letterhead right away. There is nothing less professional than sending out documents on a letterhead with out-of-date information.

Is your business letterhead representing you well?

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